Junk Car Recycling in Calgary

recycle old car

Most people never think about what will happen to their vehicle once it is removed from their premises to be recycled. This is a fast breakdown of the primary vehicle components and the overall benefits of people inside the community recycling their vehicles.
recyclecar  body

There are enough cars and trucks recycled every year that can also be used to produce about 13 million new automobiles annually. The steel alone from just six recycled cars have enough material to build a brand new home using steel framing. Junk My Car Now is a strong solution to recycling your vehicle since the vehicle is sent to a facility that has the equipment to proficiently recycle the scrap metal into steel that is reusable!
recycle car fluids

Just a single gallon of motor oil is capable of contaminating one million gallons of water and antifreeze itself can alone be a giant killer of aquatic life if it breaks down. Used automotive fluids are known to contain high levels of heavy metals which includes lead and this can cause severe nervous system damage to both humans and animals. All of these potential hazards can be prevented simply by recycling. Antifreeze, transmission fluid and windshield washer fluid can all be reconditioned to become a new life product. Even reusable motor oil can be used in the petroleum industry or as an energy source in power plants.
recycle tires

Tires constantly fill up landfills and eventually wear down into hazardous chemicals that can seep into he community's water supply. When the tires are recycled however, they go through a process called Vulcanization, a curing process where sulphur is safely added to the rubber allowing the tire to easily break down and shred mechanically. The rubber from the tires is broken down to many different sizes that can be reused by a variety of industries. Recycled tires can also become Tire-Derived Fuel which is used in numerous civil engineering projects such as erosion control, landscaping or used as rubberized asphalt on community roads and running tracks.
recycle battery

Automotive batteries contain hazardous waste that if not recycled properly can cause serious health risks to people in the community. Numerous materials are separated from each battery during the recycling process, such as plastic, lead and rubber. The acid inside the battery is neutralized, cleaned and released into the water supply.
Junk My Car Now is Committed to Keeping the World Environmentally Friendly