The Benefits of Recycling Steel from a Junk Car

Recycling your old vehicle is a great way to ensure that it is put to good use. Junk car recycling promotes conservation of natural resources. Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world. When a car is recycled, all the parts that can't be reused are dismantled and the remainder is smashed.


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Advantages of Recycling the Steel from Junk Cars


Many auto manufacturers use steel extensively owing to its toughness, endurance and dependability. On an average, around 60% of the vehicle parts are made up of steel and iron. As steel can be reused and repurposed, most manufacturers use about 25% recycled steel to manufacture a new car body. The steel industry gets almost 14 million tons of steel every year from recycling.

Here are some more benefits of recycling steel from a junk car that you may not be mindful of:


1. Environmental Benefits


Recycling uses methods that have low impact on the environment. Producing new steel requires a large amount of coal that releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. It also contributes to an increase in pollution. Recycled steel reduces the need to mine new iron ore, which protects the environment from the harmful effects of mining.


2. Impact on Landfills


Landfills have a negative impact on the environment. Many vehicle components cannot be recycled and end up in the landfill. When it rains, the soil in a landfill gets contaminated due to chemical leaks. This makes the groundwater in and around the area toxic. Keeping landfills only for non-recyclable elements such as engine parts and car frames reduces the need of more landfills.


3. Steel Mining


There will be less need to mine new steel as many businesses can use recycled steel, which is cost-effective. Manufacturing steel from junk cars reduces CO2 emissions by almost 58%. Recycling steel will use almost 74% less energy, 40% less water and 90% fewer natural materials.

4. Home Appliances


Recycled steel can be used in appliances, building materials, home furniture and food packaging. Typically, 75% of home appliances are made of steel.

Other Benefits of Recycling a Junk Car

Here are some additional benefits of recycling your old car:

• You save money.
• Used car parts are cheap.
• Recycling also provides employment opportunities.
• Recycled tires are used in road building supplies or   playgrounds.
• Recycled auto glass can be used to create flooring tiles and to make countertops.
• Auto batteries are recycled to produce new ones.

Process of Recycling a Junk Car

Junk car recycling is done in five steps. We have explained in brief the process below:

1. Inspection: The recycling facility will examine if it’s better to be repair or recycle your car. Around 90% of cars are recycled in a junkyard.

2. Draining Fluids: Fluids such as oil, gas, transmission and lubricants are drained. The fluids are separated and collected for safe disposal. Some fluids may be recycled.

3. Dismantling Parts: The car engine, transmissions are detached and washed. Recyclable parts are separated to process them further.

4. Selling Auto Parts: Usable parts are sold separately to manufactures or local repair shops.

5. Crushing: The remaining car body, including different metals are crushed and shredded into a flat metal lump. Crushing is done only when all-recyclable car parts are recycled or sold out.

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Junk car recycling benefits are more than just environmental. You can also donate the junk car to charity. Junk My Car Now will help you get rid of your old vehicle in an eco-friendly way. Our services provide free towing of your unused vehicle. Call us for a quote today!


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