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8 Tips for Recycling a Junk Car

Junk car recycling has become popular in the last few years as it is environmentally friendly, provides a reasonable price for your old car and offers potential tax savings. Recycling a junk car might seem overwhelming, with so many options that promise you great deals. It’s best to choose an alternative which is not only eco-friendly but also offers the best return for your old car. When an unwanted car is recycled, it is stripped of all the parts that can’t be reused and the rest are processed to make steel. Junk My Car Now is environmentally conscious and uses only eco-friendly ways to recycle junk cars. You will receive quick cash, free towing service and can expect the entire process to be completed in a couple of hours.


Tips to Get the Most Out of Junk Car Recycling

Selling your junk car may not be easy and you could face certain problems. A few things you should know about junk car recycling are:

  1. Detailed Inspection

Take out all your belongings from the car before salvaging. Check the glove compartment, trunks and the area beneath your seats for any valuables.

2. Cancel Your Car Insurance

Call you insurance company and let them know of your arrangement with the recycling service. You don’t want to make payments towards a car you no longer own.

3. Transfer the Registration

You may need to transfer the vehicle registration to the car recycling service. This certifies that you are selling your car. If you don’t have the necessary documents, you will have to fill a form stating that you sold the car for recycling.

4. License Plates

If you return the old validated plate, you may receive some credit for the validation sticker.

You can also transfer the plates from the junk car to your brand new car as a cost-saving measure. The plate will have to be registered along with new vehicle. License plates remain with the owner and not the vehicle. Make sure you have the plate in your possession before recycling the car.

5. Don’t Go for Instant Offers

Many services just ask for the make and model of the car to provide you with an instant offer. Make sure you get your car’s worth by using a car service that is environmentally friendly and asks you relevant questions related to your vehicle.

6. Prefer a Local Buyer

Go for a recognized local service you can rely on to get the transaction done in a professional manner. With a local buyer, you can easily check reviews and references.

7. Charity

You can pick one of the 100,000 registered charities in Canada to donate your car. You just have to fill your vehicle’s information and accept the terms of sale. The proceeds will be donated to the charity of your choice. Make sure the car you wish to donate is a registered vehicle. The current vehicle registration will be needed as a proof of ownership. Donating your old car will also qualify you for tax receipts, which will save you some money.

8. Look for Services offered by Car Recycling

Few junk car companies will include services that can make it easier for you to recycle your old vehicle. Some of the services you should look for are:

• Free scrap vehicle hauling
• Eco-friendly auto recycling
• Free junk car removal
• Free quotes
Cash for junk cars


How Does Recycling Work?

First, the junk vehicle is inspected to determine if it can be repaired. If repairing is not an economical option, the facility starts with the dismantling process. Fluids such as oil, gas, transmission lubricant and brake lubricant are drained. Hazardous liquids are segregated and accumulated for safe disposal. Gas and oil are filtered for reuse. Usable parts are removed and cleaned. Components such as tires and batteries are removed for resale or recycling. Some car parts are used to repair other cars or may be sold to other auto manufacturers. Once all the car parts are sold or sorted out, the remaining car body is crushed and shredded into a flat metal chunk.

Almost all parts of a car can be recycled. The most recycled parts include tries, glass, batteries, carpets and car seats. Ensure you take the above tips into consideration to get the best price for your junk car. If you are looking to recycle your old car, contact our experts at Junk My Car Now or visit our website


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